Better functionality of the Instagram app with Picuki

The use of the internet is on the Rise, and people are looking for better functionality of the Instagram app. In this regard, the application Picuki will be providing better functionality compared to the Instagram app and is completely free to download. With the application, you will get the option of browsing through the images and the videos. Edit photos with the help of the built-in photo editor and follow your favorite people. Get to know more easily about them by searching their username. The application Picuki today can be downloaded for starting browsing Instagram like never before.

What is the method of using the application Picuki?

Do you want to start using it? If yes, then note that Instagram viewer and editor Picuki will be letting you look at the profile as well as the tags for the people that you are following. It lets you Browse through the different categories. Also, you can find them by looking up the specific person’s account. You will have to just name it into the search bar. But for that, make sure that they are the public user. If they are not in your following list, then you will have to go ahead and tap that in order to follow those people.

Some aspects that you need to know regarding the application Picuki

The video stories get downloaded in the Mp4 format, and the photo stories get downloaded in the JPEG format. For viewing the downloaded stories. You will have to follow certain steps. The videos get viewed in the updated video player, or also you can open them through the browser directly. What you will have to do for that is to just drag the downloaded video into the browser, and the photo stories can get viewed in the image viewers or in the form of the videos in the web browser.

Final words

The application Picuki is available in the form of a web browsing application for starting browsing Instagram like never. Picuki will be looking up the profiles as well as tags. Look up the profile of the people that you follow through the different categories alphabetically. If you want to look up a specific person’s account, you will have to just enter their username into the search bar., and if they are not in your following list, then you will have to just tap on the button for following them. In this way, you will get a range of advantages with using the Picuki.