Little things, season 3: How is the sequel different from the rest?

Little Things season 3 serves as the episode-long montage in “Rectangles” to depict Kavya and Dhruv’s largely separate new lives. They are back in Mumbai, and it turns out to be more talkative than it needs to be. The episode “The Sum of Our Past,” also highlights some flashbacks, promising on the surface. Overall, it can be said that the movie is the representation of the peek at the Little Things duo’s experiences with the opposite gender. Also, the sequel basically highlights the topic of marriage, short on real insights. There are representations of the two dream sequences that dive straight into Kavya and Dhruv’s fears.

A brief insight into the movie

Little Things, set with its third season, shows Dhruv and Kavya, who dealt with everyday problems. They’re also searching for their own individual identities. However, the couple deal with the hardships of a long-distance relationship. 

Little Things (TV series) Season-3 showcases the different events

Ep 1. is all about “Migration,” and it shows A research stint taking Dhruv to Bangalore. Kavya helps him settle in unease over the upcoming months. This is what affects the remaining hours together.

Ep 2. “Today of all Days” is where Dhruv takes to his new surroundings and looks forward to making some instant friends. Kavya struggles with loneliness and vulnerability.

Ep 3. “Rectangles” is the representation of the moments where Dhruv and Kavya grow accustomed to their individual lives. Dhruv’s fellowship ends, and with that, the awkward conversation stirs unease about their return to Mumbai.

Ep 4. “Senior Citizens” is the presentation of the moments where Kavya is visiting her hometown in Nagpur. Consequently, she has interactions with her aging parents and childhood friends.

Ep 5. “Vertical Housing” is the representation of Dhruv visiting Delhi to help mother pack up his childhood home. However, there is a matter of marriage and family tensions, making him feel frustrated and detached.

Ep 6. “Jet Lag” 

turns out to be the representation of the couple reuniting, but life seems out of sync.

Ep 7. “The Sum of our Past” is the moment when Flashbacks illuminate each of Dhruv’s and Kavya’s early encounters. The Wedding ring triggers tension.

Ep 8. “Migration II” is where Dhruv envies an accomplishment. The tension is all about the evolving relationship.

Final words

Overall, the opinion is that Little Things serves as the redefined meaning of romance. Also, it shows how the pair navigate their way through life. The second season reflects on situations asking ‘Who are we?’ and ‘Who am I?’ that paves the way to the better third season.