How To Convert PNG To PDF Online – Tips & Tricks

Whether you’re throwing an end-of-year bash or just want to print your cat’s latest photos, everyone needs a place to showcase their party favors. Fortunately, you don’t need to learn how to take good photographs to convert your favorite photos into a printable format that’s perfect for showing off.  But, if you’re looking to get started, you might not know where to start. Luckily, this article was created to help you! Read on for a comprehensive guide on how to convert your favorite photos to a printable format.

What Is A PNG File

A PNG file is a type of image that is created from a series of pixels. Pixels are the tiny dots that form an image on your screen. The PNG format was created to replace the older GIF format when it became apparent that the GIF format had limitations, including a lack of support for transparency and animation.

How To Convert A PNG To PDF Online

There are many reasons to convert a png to pdf. Maybe you need the file in a different format for printing, or maybe you just want the photo of your kids as a desktop background. Whatever the reason, we’ve compiled some tips that will make the process easier. 1) Open your PNG in Photoshop  2) Select “File” and “Export As”  3) Under “Save as type,” select “Adobe Acrobat”  4) Name your file and make sure “JPEG 2000” is selected under “Format”  5) Click “Save.”

Tips For Successful PNG To PDF Conversion

  • Optimize your PNG file size If you have a high-quality PNG file, you’ve already done half the work for yourself. But, if the file is too large, it might not be suitable for printing. To avoid this issue, make sure to optimize your PNG before converting it to PDF! 
  • Keep an eye on pixel quality A good rule of thumb is to keep your pixel count between 300 and 600 pixels per inch (PPI). In other words, if you have a 24-inch wide poster printable photo at 300 PPI, you should use a 3-megapixel camera or a 2-megapixel camera for the highest quality. However, if you only want to show off your best photos digitally or on social media, then anything higher than 3 megapixels will do just fine.  
  • Choose a resolution that matches your printer’s capabilities When converting your photo to PDF format, it’s important to know how many pixels in width and height will fit onto a sheet of paper or poster board without any cropping needed. You can do this by multiplying the width and height together to get the total dimension in pixels—in our example it would be 1800x1800px (3600x3600px). If the resulting dimension looks too large and would require cropping when printed, try reducing the size until it fits into an acceptable range (in our case 1800x1200px). 

Online photo editing tools, like Pixlr and Fotor, offer various photo-editing features that can make your photos look clear and clean. You can use these tools to edit the brightness or color of your photo, as well as add filters or text.  If you want printables that are ready to go, then you need to convert your favorite pictures into PDFs. Please visit this website if you are seeking for the finest website that provides online file conversion.